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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)



How much will it  cost for you to represent me/ How can I afford it?

The cost of how much it will cost for me to represent you depends on a variety of factors. The main factors are the type of crime you are charged with, whether it will be a trial, which court and court level you are charged in, how many court appearances need to be made, and the complexity of the case.

I understand hiring a lawyer can be very costly. I believe my fees are reasonable, and are up to 50% less than what other lawyers charge for similar crimes based in the same geographic area. A simple misdemeanor that does not go to trial can cost as little as $500. If you are eligible for a public defender, you should be aware that you are likely going to have to reimburse the State, through the Office of Cost Containment, for the services of the public defender. The fees vary but depend on your ability to pay, and what crime you are charged with. The fees can be a few hundred dollars or more.

I understand some people may not be able to come up with all the money upfront for more complicated or expensive matters. I try to work out payment plans with people that vary depending on your circumstances. I also take credit cards.


Do I need an attorney?

I sometimes get asked the question of "Why do I need an attorney? Can't I do it myself?" A lawyer can greatly improve your chances for a favorable result. Besides having extensive training, attorneys know and understand the law, and are best able to protect your rights.

Consider the following: If you cut open your arm with a knife, you could try and fix it yourself, either with bandages or staples, or you could go to a trained professional, a Doctor, and get it properly taken care of. The Dr. will cost you more than if you did it yourself, but the results ought to be worth it. You wouldn't risk your body by trying to do it youself, why risk going to jail from doing it yourself?

How do I know which attorney to hire?

Hiring the lawyer who is right for you can be a difficult decision. I advise clients that the most important things they should look for in a lawyer is experience, knowledge of the law, communication/ relationship with the client, and cost.  After discussing my credentials with potential clients, telling them how I would handle their case, and discussing the cost, I find most clients are happy with the services I offer and decide to hire me to represent them. Feel free to call me at (603) 674 - 5183, for a free phone consultation to discuss your options with you.


When should I hire a lawyer?

By visiting my site, I assume you are considering hiring a lawyer to help you or someone else who was charged with a crime. If you have already been arrested and have pending charges, I advise you hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Many parts of a criminal case have strict deadlines, and if they pass you will lose some of your rights. It cannot hurt to have a lawyer working on your case from the beginning. It can harm you to wait until its too late.

It can also be important to consider how often the Attorney handles criminals cases. In New Hampshire, that is also Attorney Hynes does. If you were having heart problems you wouldn’t just see your primary care physician, you would go to a cardiologist. So why hire a lawyer or a law firm with a general practice when you can hire a lawyer who is devoted to representing clients being prosecuted by the State? Unlike some other lawyers who represent criminal clients, I have never been a prosecutor. This ensures I am defense oriented and will emphatically protect your rights.


Will I have to testify/ go to trial?

This question is very case specific. Only after analyzing your case thoroughly could I advise as to whether it makes sense to go to trial and whether to testify. I can say that an overwhelming majority of cases are settled without the need for trial. However, it is always your choice, and if you want to go all the way and fight it, I am prepared to do that on your behalf.


What are some of my rights?

*    You have the right to an attorney.

*    You have the right to a court appointed attorney if you cannot afford one and face possible incarceration. However, you may still be liable to repay the State hundreds of dollars or more.

*    You have the right to hire your own attorney.

*    You have the right to remain silent. You do not have to testify at trial.

*    You have the right to be informed that anything you say may be used against you.

*    You have the right to be informed of the charges against you.

*    You have the right to confront the witnesses against you and to obtain witnesses in your favor.

*    You have a right to all of the records that the police have.

*    You have the right to a speedy trial.

*    You have a right to a jury trial, when you face  incarceration.

*    You are Not Guilty until proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt.

Attorney Hynes handles all Traffic, Misdemeanor, and Felony cases involving DMV / License Suspensions, DWI Driving while intoxicated, /DUI, Driving under influence,Aggravated DWI, DWISubsequent , Felony DWI, Boating while intoxicated,  Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, DWI / DUI, Driving Under the Influence, Sex Crimes / Pornography, Internet Crimes, Property Crimes, Theft Crimes,  Violent Crimes,  and White Collar Crimes for Defendants in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Including, concrd-nh-lawyer Burglary criminal-defense-lawyer Criminal Mischief criminal-defense Criminal Threatening drunk-drivingDisorderly Conduct dui-dwi-attorney-nh Domestic Violence dui-dwi-lawyer Drug Crimes dui-lawyer-manchester-nh DWI (All types) dui-lawyer-nashua-nh Embezzlement dui-lawyer-nashua-nhExtortion dui-lawyer-nh Failing to Register dwi-lawyer-new-hampshire Felony Assault dwi-lawyer-new-hampshire Fraud dwi-lawyer-nh Habitual Offender manchester-attorney Harassment manchester-lawyer Indecent Exposure manchester-nh-dwi-lawyer Internet Crimes nashua-attorney Kidnapping nashua-lawyer License Suspension Hearingsnashua-nh-dui-lawyer Murder nashua-nh-lawyer-4Negligent driving nashua-nh-lawyer-dui Operating After Suspension nashua-nh-lawyer-dui Pornography nashua-nh-lawyers Possession (All levels) new-hampshire-attorneysPrescription Drug Violations new-hampshire-defense-lawyer Prostitution new-hampshire-lawyer Rape / Sexual Assault new-hampshire Receiving Stolen Property nh-best-lawyer Reckless Conduct nh-criminal-defense-lawyer Reckless driving nh-dui-lawyer Resisting Arrest nh-dwi-lawyer Robbery nh-law-firm Sale/ Distributing Drugs nh-lawyer Sex Crimes nh-lawyers Shoplifting salem-nh-lawyer Simple Assault Brookline NH Soliciting a Minor for Sex * Stalking * Theft Crimes  * Theft by Deception * Theft of Mislaid Property * Theft by Unauthorized Taking * Theft of Services  * Trespassing * Violating Bail Conditions * Violation of Restraining Order  * Weapons / Gun Charges  * White Collar Crimes  * Willful Concealment

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